IKEA Festival tra le 40 migliori esposizioni del Fuorisalone 2017

We are very happy that the IKEA Festival is nominated as one of the top 40 best exhibitions at the Milan Furniture Fair 2017. The award is the one and only award that celebrates the best exhibition design at Milano Design week. Each year an international jury selects the best exhibition designs of Fuorisalone, with different aspects in mind such as concept, use of technology, storytelling, engagement and innovative formats. The IKEA Festival showcase our curiosity of the future life at home and celebrates the place where everyone comes together, the heart of the home, the living room. 05-aprile-2017 Inter Ikea Group.

Welcome to experience the future living room in Milan
The role of the living room is changing dramatically and that is why IKEA is redefining the room where the everyday life happens. As cities grow, homes become smaller and the presence of technology becomes greater, we need our living spaces to be multifunctional. The living room needs to be the most flexible room in the home. In the `IKEA Festival – Let’s Make Room for Life’ exhibition, IKEA will launch its new take on the living room. 03-aprile-2017 Inter Ikea Group.
Programma dell’evento. Comunicato stampa